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We, bid you a warm and sincere welcome as you tread upon our enlightening and sacred path of knowledge and insights.

If you are here then you are well aware that life is a quest of discovery and rediscovery. It is an ever-changing and expanding journey to learn all we can of the deepest and truest things of a spiritual nature and to deepen our inner souls and spirits with purest light.

At times along our hallowed pathway we may find ourselves up against unexpected obstacles, veering around unexpected curves, slowly climbing up hills or joyously running down hills.

Whichever stage we are at in, our journey knows that each and every step we take is a learning and refining process in our spiritual advancement, and one that will ultimately bring us all an indescribable inner joy and peace.

To help you along your course, we have sworn to provide you with a wide variety of choices and highly respected resources that will appeal to each and everyone one of you as you seek to find and experience your own uniquely inner light.

We sincerely hope that thee enjoy your sacred journey and find the answers you seek, and may we all attain the divine love and knowledge that makes us one in spirit.

You can find us in the beautiful and historic Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada, an area with a strong esoteric community and influence.

If you have any comments, questions and/or suggestions we would love to hear from you!

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